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Top Captains – Destin Fishing Rodeo

After 31 days of mostly glorious fishing, five boat captains are winners of this year’s Captain Award for the Destin Fishing Rodeo.

This was the 71st year for anglers and captains to take to the waters for the annual event held each year for the entire month of October. The Captain Awards are determined by an accumulation of points from each day’s catch.

Each captain receives 20 points for a first place finish on the leaderboard, 10 for second place, seven points for a bonus or weekly award and one point for a daily award. In all, there were 285 captains who participated in this year’s rodeo. Here are this year’s winners:

Charter Boat 25-foot-under – Capt. Josh Calhoon of Destin Inshore Guides (photo)

Charter Boat Division – Capt. Robert Hill of Twilight

Party Boat Division – Capt. Cliff Cox of Sweet Jody 

Private 25-foot-and-under Division – Capt. Andrew Dover of Muscle Memories 

Private Boat Division – Capt. Forrest Dalton of Sea Bandit

Would you like to schedule a fishing trip on your next visit to Destin, FL? Go here to link up with some of our favorite boat captains.

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