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Top Places to Workout on Your Destin Vacation

Find the best places to workout in Destin.

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you want to give up your fitness routine altogether. For many of us, vacation is one of the best times to work out because our days aren’t cluttered with commutes and meetings.

So we’ve rounded up the best places you can feel the burn –and we don’t mean sunburn—on your Destin vacation.

Destin Hot Yoga

Some like it hot, and for those who do, Destin Hot Yoga is the place to be. The room is heated between 95-105 degrees to further warm and loosen muscles. This allows you to safely deepen stretches and lengthen poses.

Hot Vinyasa and Hot 26 are great classes for beginners, and other classes include Hot Vinyasa Power Hour, Yin/Yang Flow, Mindful Flow, and non-heated classes like Hatha Hour. Drop in rates are $18, or get a week of unlimited classes for $49.

Pure Barre PopUp

Every Tuesday, Pure Barre Destin and Pure Barre 30A combine for a weekly pop-up session. These barre-loving beauties pack a yoga mat and head to the lawn of The Market Shops in Destin. Instead of traditional training on the ballet barre, they get fit in the great outdoors. Most workouts run about an hour, but fit sessions can last for 90 minutes. PopUp classes include yoga, cardio and lots of isometric holds.

Destin Pilates & Aerial Center

For a different kind of fitness experience, consider the Aerial Silks class at Destin Pilates & Aerial Center. You’ll learn how to suspend yourself from two silks and do drops and tricks (Cirque de Soleil style). Kids 10 and older can join, meaning this a great class for the whole family, including beginners. Classes are $25, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 6:30 p.m.

If the silks aren’t your speed, and you’re looking for something more relaxing, try the Restorative Pilates Stretch with Essential Oils.  This class is geared toward releasing tension and connecting with the body. Through core work and gentle stretches, along with the aromatherapy and Ayurvedic advantages of essential oils, you’ll boost your immune system and renew your mind. Enjoy this class Monday at 5:30 p.m. or Wednesday at noon for $18.

Using out top picks for places to workout in Destin, you’ll get the best of recreation and relaxation on your Destin vacation.

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