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Travel Tips for Your Destin Vacation

There’s nothing better than arriving in Destin, Florida and the vacation immediately begins. To help you get started, here are some of our top Destin travel tips:

  1. Pack a vacation prep kit.  If you have ever been to the Destin Publix or Walmart on a summer weekend, you know those stores are madhouses. To avoid the long lines, take everything you will need, at least for the first few days, in your vacation prep kit. I keep a beach tote in my pantry filled with the basic necessities. Some examples: laundry soap, toilet paper, garbage bags, bath soap, napkins, paper plates,  salt & pepper, cooking spices, reusable last storage containers, chip clips, coffee, tea, sugar, & coffee filters. Some of these items are provided by rental companies, but if you are staying for a week and/or traveling with a larger group, extras are always needed.  
  2. Create a vacation master list so you don’t forget anything from home. Thankfully, there are now apps that can help you with packing list reminders. You can also go old-school and create a reusable list which reminds you to pack the sunglasses, sunscreen, chargers, etc. Don’t forget to bring a beach towel for each person on the trip. I also always pack a sharpie and sticky notes – perfect for leaving notes during the week.
  3. Plan breakfast & lunch for the first few days. Freeze lunch meat, cheese, and milk, then throw in a cooler just before you leave home. If your journey is more than eight hours, I would recommend grabbing these items at a grocery store before you get into town. Add some boxes of cereal, bread, and snacks and you can get through the first few days without facing the long grocery store lines.
  4. Even better, arrange to have your groceries delivered. It’s well worth it to subscribe to Shipt, an app-based service that began serving the gulf coast in last year. Through the Shipt app, members create grocery lists, choose a one-hour delivery window, and pay for the order via credit card. A Shipt delivery person then picks up the order at the nearest Publix and delivers the groceries to the address submitted. If you are a subscriber in your hometown, you can switch your location to your vacation address. For a detailed map of the coverage area visit shipt.com/gulf-coast.
  5. Two local companies, Be My Shopper and Beach Butler, are also great options and can also shop for you and have everything delivered on your date of arrival.
  6. Schedule dinner early or late. If you can avoid the 6:00-8:00 p.m. main dinner hour, this can help shorten your restaurant wait times. Several Destin restaurants are now accepting reservations through the OpenTable app.
  7. Seek out restaurants in Destin, Fl that truly serve fresh Gulf seafood. Destin is the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village with beautiful catches coming in daily to our docks. A list of restaurants that serve fresh seafood is now available from our iLoveDestin partner, Harbor Docks.

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