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Underwater Memorial & Task Force Poseidon

Today’s spotlight is on a Destin-based nonprofit which serves disabled veterans by teaching them how to scuba and spearfish. The mission of Task Force Poseidon is to provide disabled and wounded veterans with the equipment and instruction required for training and diving. Task Force Poseidon says the goal is to remove all obstacles and help the veterans gain the freedom only found in the water. Scuba diving & fishing – two great things to do in Destin, FL!

On Memorial Day, Task Force Poseidon recently joined forces with Emerald Coast Scuba to deploy a new 750-pound concrete monument in the Gulf of Mexico. Now located about three miles out from Destin, the four-sided monument features laser-etched plaques bearing the seals of our military forces. There are also tributes to our veterans and to those who have given their lives in service to the country. The monument will be the site of a tribute dive by Task Force Poseidon every Memorial Day.

In a Destin Log interview, army veteran and dive instructor Jason Dodd said, “We have a lot of veterans, amputees and paraplegics that we’re getting in the water and certified to dive. Scuba diving is what we do, and this is just a very special and unique way for us to go out and honor our fallen.”

What a wonderful endeavor!

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