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Vacation Grocery Delivery – it’s like magic!

Do you often wish that you could just effortlessly have a kitchen full of groceries?

imageWell, let the team at Vacay Foods help you avoid the hassle of grocery shopping on your vacation by letting THEM bring the groceries to YOU!

Vacay Foods is the fastest grocery delivery service on the Emerald Coast! You’re on vacation to see the beach and not the produce aisle so why fight traffic and stand in lines at the grocery store when¬†Vacay can bring your groceries to you in as little as one hour or even before you arrive?¬†They carry¬†their own inventory rather than just buying from the local supermarket so customers never pay a 20% markup over supermarket prices. Vacay Foods’ pricing will astonish you especially with the convenience, service and selection you get.¬†The product selection includes everyday grocery items such as fresh meat & produce, snack foods, health & beauty items, breakfast foods, and also beer & wine. Check out “The (Vacay Foods) Market” and see for yourself¬†the complete list of what is offered.

imageSuch a smart idea! They buy groceries similar to the way big supermarkets do. They purchase from wholesalers, club stores, and fresh meat and produce suppliers. They take full pride in what they do and go by FL Agricultural Standards to deliver you their Freshness Guaranteed order. They are a special dynamic group of 4 Baylor Grads that have joined together, each with a certain task and skill that make all the pieces fit for a successful business. They have highlighted their personal stories, achievements and goals for you to read and understand how all this came about. You really get a feel that this is a friendly business and they really do want to make things easier for people for all the right reasons and make a living at it.


From their words; “We offer both a pre-arrival and same day delivery service to customers along the Emerald Coast.¬† We can deliver to both business and residential addresses, and we also are pros at handling special instructions / situations.¬† If you have any questions about or changes to your order you can always call us at 855-622-3663 or send us an email at [email protected].”¬†

The delivery fees are really simple.  Orders over $50 receive free delivery.  Everyone else pays $4.99. This is totally amazing because convenience is so huge when you work so hard at everything else and Vacay Foods can come in and buy you a little extra Vacation time.

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