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What is Your Favorite Travel Souvenir?

Ways to Bring Your Vacation Home

I have collected a variety of vacation souvenirs over the years – from seashells to fridge magnets to coffee mugs. Most recently, instead of buying a magnet in a vacation city, I decided to convert a photograph from the trip to a magnet. It’s super easy to do from your phone with an app such as InstaPrint. 

Here’s some other souvenirs people collect: Christmas ornaments, shot glasses, nativity scenes, perfume bottles, jewelry, t-shirts, local maps, artwork, postcards, books, and snow globes.

In researching this story, several people noted that they no longer collect items because they don’t want to add to their clutter. Instead, they take photographs of their travels with many folks preferring to create photo books of each adventure.

I still think it’s a fun treat to visit the stores at the beach that sell everything from airbrushed sand dollars to coffee mugs that say “Destin.” (Worst souvenir ever was the hermit crab I purchased one year thinking it would be a fun surprise for the kids. #neveragain)

Whether it’s quirky or sentimental, every souvenir has a story. Travel souvenirs can transport you back to past adventures, reminding you to keep your wanderlust alive.

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