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What’s Going on in Destin?

What’s Going on in Destin?

We know this has been a tough and unprecedented time in Destin, and we have seen our community come together like never before. We continue to be optimistic when looking to the future, and especially as stay at home restrictions are lifted and businesses begin to open up. As you know, things are changing daily and our community has had to make some major changes to adjust to the climate. Whether that was offering to-go meals or curbside pickup for goods and services, we adapted and were able to still support the people who live and work in Destin. A quick update on what’s going on in Destin:

Destin Beaches

  • Last week, the City of Destin voted to open the beaches from dusk to dawn each day. Walton County beaches are open all day long with no limitations, as are Okaloosa County beaches. We are patiently waiting for City of Destin officials to do the same! Please remember to continue to follow social distancing rules when at the beach: staying six feet apart from people outside your own group, and only gathering in groups of 10 or less.
  • Unfortunately, there is still a ban on accepting vacation rentals in Florida. Our lodging partners Southern Vacation Rentals are working hard to provide guests with options in their Alabama properties for May. If you are in need of a getaway and want to head to the beach, visit their website for current rates and availability. We’re hoping the ban will be lifted mid-month, around the 18th.
  • Many local restaurants are opening up their dining rooms for business at 25% capacity. Please be patient with them as this is new for them, too! There are also several restaurants in Destin that are still offering to-go and delivery services or have not opened up their dining rooms yet. Please be sure to reference their website or social media page for the latest information before heading there or placing your order!
  • Destin Commons, Silver Sands Outlets, and Grand Boulevard also opened up on Monday, May 4th for limited hours. Destin Commons and Silver Sands are open from 11 AM until 7 PM, while most stores at Grand Boulevard are open until 4 PM. Some retailers may still be closed, so check before visiting!

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