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Why Destin is Known as the ‘Luckiest Fishing Village’

Fishing MuseumWhen you enter Destin, you come across a sign that says “Welcome to Destin, The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” Destin is known for beautiful white sand beaches and wonderful fishing, but how did we get such a prestigious title? Fishing is one of our favorite things to do in Destin and recently we discovered how Destin came to stand out from other fishing villages.

The Destin History and Fishing Museum is a great place to take your kids for an educational experience that will allow you to learn how Destin became what it is today. The executive director shared with us the story of how Destin was named the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.

Florida’s governor, LeRoy Collins, was passing through Destin on his way up to Pensacola and he made a visit to our harbor. During his visi,t Captain Reddin “Salty” Brunson was on his boat and invited Collins to hop on for a boat ride. The Governor said he did not have time, but Captain Salty insisted that he come and ensured that he could have the governor back on the docks in twenty minutes. Collins gave in and went for a ride. Captain Salty took Collins out the mouth of the pass and had him back to the docks in less than twenty minutes – with a 29 pound King Mackerel in hand!

The docks crowded with people wondering how he was able to catch a fish in almost no time at all. Governor LeRoy Collins stated “what do you expect when fishing from the world’s luckiest fishing village.”

Destin continues to prove itself as the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village by hosting fishing tournaments and being home to hundreds of successful charter fishing boats. Fishing is a big Destin attraction, and we encourage you to come see for yourself just how lucky our fishing village is!



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