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Without “Be My Shopper,” Is It Even A Vacation?

Use Be My Shopper for your vacation

Be My Shopper makes vacation feel like a vacation!

Emerald Coast locals know a secret. Every Saturday, while vacationing families make their way to a beautiful Destin vacation rental, the locals stay in one place: at home.

In fact, you will rarely find a local in a grocery store on a Saturday. Why? Because the supermarkets are overrun with travel-weary tourists, hungry children, and cashiers who’ve asked “paper or plastic” one too many times.

That’s why one company is now making your vacation even better by letting you skip the shopping trip. Be My Shopper is a personal grocery delivery service that works with your vacation rental company to deliver groceries prior to your arrival. Be My Shopper is the best thing since sliced bread (plus, they deliver it!).

Basically, you go to Be My Shopper’s website, place an order, and they’ll deliver it to your vacation rental before you arrive. Imagine pulling up to your vacation home and opening the front door, where everything you need is waiting. Instead of wasting any of your vacation in an absurdly long check-out line, head straight for the beach, with your favorite snacks in tow.

Fruits and veggies? Check. Fresh seafood from local markets? Check. Larabars, hummus, cookie dough? Check, check, check.

Of course, equally as important as the convenience of Be My Shopper is the fact that they also provide peace of mind. Their experienced shoppers accommodate allergy requests and food restrictions to ensure your vacation is not only enjoyable, but safe.

Fortunately, Be My Shopper delivers convenience, safety, and more beach time at a much lower cost than you may have expected. The service is a $50 fee, plus the cost of groceries and 20% of the grocery bill.

Is it worth it? Well, let’s put it this way. If you aren’t vacationing with Be My Shopper, you aren’t vacationing.


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