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Work From Home at the Beach in Destin

Now that Destin’s beaches are opening up on Friday, it’s a great chance to get out of the house and work from home at the beach in Destin. Whether you are managing a 9-5 or wrapping up the school year, why not book a beach vacation rental in Destin, Florida and work with a view? There is nothing like taking a conference call with the sight of the waves crashing in the background! You’ll not only have an opportunity to start your mornings out with a walk on the beach, but since the beaches will be open from 4:30-7 PM, you can unwind with a beautiful Destin sunset as well. Just be sure to practice social distancing!

If you want to get away this May, take a look at some of our favorite vacation rentals in Destin, Florida that will help you switch up your routine.

Work From Home at the Beach in Destin

A Piece of Heaven

If you’re looking for a tranquil home where you can be socially distant, look to A Piece of Heaven in the Cottage Retreat community. This beautiful three-bedroom home is ideal for nine guests and is just as inviting as can be. It’s even a short stroll away from the beach and restaurants that are open for delivery and takeout.

Crystal Dunes 104

Get an eye-full of the beach! This ground-floor condo, Crystal Dunes 104, has the beach in your sightline and makes it easy to go to and from the beach in the morning and evening. Plus, with new upgrades and the comforts of home, everything you need for your time working from home at the beach in Destin is right at your fingertips.

Jade East 1150

If you’re looking for a condo rental in Destin, Florida with a view, book your next stay at Jade East Towers 1150. This condo is centrally located in the heart of Destin, so you can get meals delivered with ease and don’t need to go far to get to the beach. Just a few steps and you’re there! Set up your computer on the private balcony and watch the sun dance over the waters while you work. We promise t here’s nothing like it!

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