Instagram-Worthy Spots in Destin

Check Out These Instagram-Worthy Spots in Destin

When you make the trip down to the beaches of the emerald coast, you want to go back home with great pictures so you can remember the incredible adventures you experienced. Of course, the beaches of Destin feature sugar-white sand and crystal-clear waters making them the perfect spot for some high-quality pictures. However, there are other locations that qualify as Instagram-worthy spots in Destin that you might not have thought of. We have listed them below!

Instagram-Worthy spots in Destin

The Destin Harbor – Snap a picture as the sun is setting with the boats behind you! The Destin Harbor is one of the most popular spots to watch the sunset.

The Murals at the Destin Commons – There are so many to choose from! Shop the Destin Commons and take a picture in front of each mural you find.

Crab Island – Rent a pontoon boat, cruise out to Crab Island and take some pictures of you and your friends wading in the waters. The Destin bridge is right behind you serving as a beautiful backdrop.

Fishing Charter Book a fishing charter for some exciting candid shots of you reeling in fish from the Gulf of Mexico. Make sure to also take some pictures when you dock with your haul in the background.

Fudpuckers – Looking for an eccentric, colorful background? Check out Fudpuckers! Enjoy fresh seafood, live music, and take some awesome pictures of your experience.

These Instagram-worthy spots in Destin are sure to be the perfect way to savor memories of the best trip ever. Which one will you check out first?

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Prepare for the Ultimate Beach Day!

10 Things to Include in Your Beach Bag

We have all been in the same position – finally gotten to the beach, so glad to sink your toes in the sand, and as soon as you start relaxing, you realize that you left the snacks on the breakfast bar in the kitchen. Not only that, but you are traveling with kids who need snacks for entertainment and energy to help get them through the day. We are here to provide a list of 10 things to include in your beach bag, so you never have that “uh-oh” moment interrupt your vacation again! Continue reading for a list of items that locals and visitors alike follow to ensure their day in the sand is nothing but memorable.

10 Things to Include in Your Beach Bag

  1. Sunscreen – Have multiple levels of SPF. Other specific sunscreens that are often forgotten include face sunscreen and Chapstick with SPF!
  2. Snacks/Beverages – Having a separate cooler with these items is the best way to go. This makes sure they stay cool all day.
  3. Beach Coverups for Everyone – Most kids don’t enjoy reapplying sunscreen throughout the day so having a beach coverup that will protect them from the sun will come in handy.
  4. Sand Toys – Keep the young kids occupied! They will play with sand toys for hours.
  5. A plastic cover for electronics, wallet, keys, etc. – Protect your electronics and valuables by keeping them in a plastic/waterproof bag.
  6. Towels for everyone – Having something to dry off is key! Make sure every member of your family has at least one towel.
  7. First Aid Items – Band-Aids and Neosporin are two items that will go a long way at the beach. Things happen! Best to be prepared for anything.
  8. A Football/Frisbee – The adults and teenagers of the group will love throwing the frisbee or football around.
  9. Hats and Sunglasses – Two items that will make or break your beach day but typically aren’t at the top of a packing list.
  10. Find the Right Bag! – You want a beach bag that will filter some of the sand out of the bag, so you don’t take a ton of it with you. Straw bags are best.

These 10 things to include in your beach bag will make for the best day ever!

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Cobia Season, What it’s Really About!

Learn More About Cobia Season in Destin

If you have ever visited the beaches of Destin in the springtime, you have most likely seen fishermen out in the distance towering over the Gulf of Mexico. You may have wondered what they are looking for. These fishermen are scanning the tops of the water for Cobia! Continue reading for more information on Cobia season in Destin.

Learn More About Cobia Season in Destin

What is a Cobia?

A Cobia is a species of fish that looks very similar to a small shark. They are grey/tan on the top and white on the bottom. Cobias are a migratory fish which is what makes them so exciting to catch. They can grow to be over 100 pounds which means they put up a good fight when being reeled into a boat. It is considered a delicacy around the Gulf Coast as their season is short and they are delicious to eat. If you are visiting the Destin area during springtime and come across Cobia on a restaurant menu, we highly encourage you to try it! It is a mild fish that is typically baked or grilled.

How are they Caught?

Fishermen get very serious about catching Cobia. If their boat does not already come with a tower, they attach a fishing tower to the main console of the boat. This allows them to sit higher on the water. Cobia like the warmth of the sun. Because of this, they cruise through the Gulf of Mexico just on the top of the water making it easy to spot them from the tower on the boat. If one is spotted, a fisherman will drop a line with bait attached to it in front of the Cobia. They are hoping the Cobia will notice the bait and grab onto the hook. Cobia season typically starts in March; however, it is officially open when the first one is caught. Being the fisherman to catch the first Cobia of the season is a wonderful triumph! The season normally ends organically as the fish continue to migrate north.

If you have booked a fishing charter in Destin during your stay, ask your angler what the chances are you might include some Cobia fishing into your day. This way you get to experience the excitement that comes with Cobia season in Destin.

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